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We wanted the whole feeling and look like a Super Nintendo Game.


Planed as a webseries with 6 episodes we now plan to make a 120 minute feature out of it. RetroGarde is as the title says, a retro themed love letter to the magic we got from the 80s-90s Anime, Games and Films.

RetroGarde is full of action, meaning, darkness but also its funny, childish and just familiar, to speek to a larger audience.


We used a HTC Vive to track the camera movement live on set to free our vision from the limitations of greenscreen shooting.


With the 25.000€ prize of Yourturn and a small but persistent team, we wrote 5 versions of the script, storyboarded every 1200 single shot in it, bought and build a lot of costumes, props and got all the 60 minutes of greenscreen shots done in 17 shooting days. Now we have to shoot the remaining 30 minutes of real world scenes and also have the VFX shots to go.

Till the money run out on january 2017, we didnt stop and started the post production as good as we could without any money.


We belive the future filmmaking will use a lot of supporting real time CG technologys and RetroGarde is one of the small steps to proof this can work.

RTL 2 is one of the biggest TV channels in germany, which put this two minute  commentary about our win of the Yourturn competition endowed with 25.000€ on their prime time news!


A quantum AI fusions with the 80s cyberpunk game ULTRABLOODS and takes over all computers in the world, while it creates a digital world based on the game. Three years later a small group of hackers find a way to hack themselves into the digital world to destroy it from within.

A short test in mid 2015 while the early development.


The development of RetroGarde began at the end of 2014, as Alican Kuzu wanted to make a short retro themed webseries. After he did the first Teaser Trailer, which triggered a lot of excitement by the people who saw it, he decided to make it a little larger. 

From 2015 to the beginning of 2016 Alican devoloped a universe with strange characters, a mysterious and dark science fiction story wich was ready to win 25.000€ with a concept featurette.

We want to make this small spark of a brand to a real franchise and create a series which could make more stories and games possible.

We belive strongly in this.